Remembering the USS Thresher | April 10, 2022

Remembering the USS Thresher | April 10, 2022


Today we remember our 129 Submariner brothers and shipyard personnel who were lost onboard USS Thresher (SSN593) during testing in the Atlantic Ocean in the morning hours of April 10, 1963 and their families.

There are numerous, excellent resources that discuss the Thresher, lead ship of a revolutionary class of nuclear powered attack submarines; about the disaster; and about the men who braved the depths of the oceans to serve aboard her. Many of them are provided below.

At the Tennessee Submarine Memorial Association (TSMA) we raise up the memories of two Tennesseans who served aboard Thresher on that fateful day. LCDR Pat Garner of Memphis, age 32, was Thresher’s Executive Officer. LTJG Frank Malinski, age 23, also from Memphis, was assigned to Thresher, his first submarine assignment three months before being lost.

We invite you to help us build a memorial for Pat, Frank and the other 85 Tennesseans who were lost in submarines and submarine-related duties in war and peace in the over 122 years of the United States Submarine Service.

We seek to commemorate the memories of those who went to sea in America’s submarine force and gave the final measure of devotion.

Please make a contribution today and become a regular donor.

The Tennessee Submarine Memorial Association is a 501c3 (IRS recognized) tax exempt organization (EIN 83-4096457) and is registered as a charitable organization in the State of Tennessee.

TSMA is working with the City of Nashville/Davidson County to erect a memorial at Shelby Park.


  • USS Thresher (SSN593) Roster [Link]
  • LCDR Pat Garner Bio [Link]
  • LTJG Frank John Malinski Bio [Link]
  • Lost Submariners From Tennessee [Link]
  • USS Thresher Memorial Site [Link]
  • USS Thresher: A 50th Year Remembrance | Electric Boat [Link]


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Contact the Tennessee Submarine Memorial Association

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Phone: 931-261-2353
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