Memorial Planning

Project One – Build a Tennessee Submarine Memorial

  • Phase I – The Tennessee Submarine Memorial Association is working with state and city officials to identify and receive approval for a site in a public space to place a memorial.
  • Phase II – Design and create a memorial. Plans call for engraved stones: to commemorate the 85 Tennesseans lost in the line of duty onboard or connected to U.S. submarine operations; and to commemorate the loss of USS Darter, the ship assigned to the State of Tennessee by the U.S. Submarine Veterans of WWII. TSMA is also considering a plan to relocate the “Submarines Still on Patrol” marker currently housed at Legislative Plaza.
  • Check out other submarine memorials in our gallery at this album link.
  • The Tennessee Submarine Memorial Association has set a target of $150,000 to accomplish Project one.

Project Two – Obtain and display the “sail” or other significant portion of the ballistic missile submarine USS Tennessee (SSBN734).

The USS Tennessee is an active ship in the U.S. Navy serving in the Atlantic Fleet as an element of the national strategic deterrent force. The TSMA is planning to prepare a site, alongside the Project One memorial, to place a significant portion of the submarine when it is decommissioned, as a public display in recognition of the service given by American Submariners.

Tennessee Submarine Memorial Association

Perpetuating the memories of submariners who didn’t come home

The mission of the Tennessee Submarine Memorial Association is to commemorate the service and sacrifice of the American Submarine Force sailors who gave their lives in the line of duty in war and in peace, especially Submariners who called Tennessee their home.

The TSMA is a tax exempt charity registered with the IRS (501c3) and the State of Tennessee. Gifts to the TSMA are tax deductible to the full extent of the current IRS regulations.

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