⚓ Submarine Book Series Gift to TN Submarine Memorial

⚓ Submarine Book Series Gift to TN Submarine Memorial

July 1, 2024

The Tennessee Submarine Memorial Association, an arm of the USSVI Volunteer (Nashville) Base, is very pleased to announce that Charles and Frank Hood, authors of an informative and entertaining series of books on the Silent Service have named TSMA as beneficiaries of their July book sales profits.

Many submariners have found great enjoyment in the Hoods’ many Sub Tales books and seemingly never-ending FaceBook posts. They have “surfaced” so many stories of submarines and Submariners that there’s much reading enjoyment for “bubbleheads” and “non quals” alike. Their books cover experiences from generations of Submariners in their series: “Poopie Suits and Cowboy Boots” — taking a cue from the ubiquitous at sea coveralls; “The Silent Service Remembers”; and “Sub Tales.”

We have put together a list of Charles’ and Franks’ books for your review and links to make a purchase. Remember that they have generously offered the proceeds from the July sales to help TSMA build our memorial to American Submariners who made the ultimate sacrifice for the nation and freedom.

Gentlemen, thank you for your generosity and for championing the Silent Service.



Patrick Ryan
President, TN Submarine Memorial Assoc.

Thank you.

Poopie Suits & Cowboy Boots: Tales of a Submarine Officer During the Height of the Cold War, now in its fifth edition since 2017 and recently updated in October 2023, has earned a popular place in the modern submarine literature for its engaging style and pacing. Set in the throes of the Cold War during the Nixon administration, the story follows the journey of Frank Hood through training and eventual deployment as a junior officer aboard a fast-attack submarine (USS Seahorse [SSN-669]) based out of Charleston, SC.  [More and order]

The inspiration for compiling this book, The Silent Service Remembers (Vol.1), came from a simple premise: Imagine yourself meeting with a Cold War-era submariner at a neighborhood bar for an evening of conversation over a pitcher of cold beer. What would you ask him that he could truthfully answer, and what would most interest you about his story? Such story-telling comes easy for most seamen, but in the case of our submariner, there’s a catch: a lot of topics that you might want to discuss are entirely off-limits. Such is the submariner’s lament. He has so many stories that he could share, but he must constantly exercise tremendous discretion in determining what can and cannot be disclosed. Your imaginary evening at the local bar might be interrupted by fits and starts as he chooses his words very carefully. [More and order]

The Silent Service Remembers (Vol. 2) is our fifth effort in the ever-expanding series of books that seek to capture the essence of the US Submarine Force. Featuring the stories, reminisces, and photographs of 26 authors, the volume represents the sequel to the first volume published in 2020 to nearly exclusively five-star reviews on Amazon.

Inside this book, the many tales will make you laugh, cry, shake your head, and ponder. Along the way, you will learn a little about the core foundations of this proud group of intrepid sailors who volunteered to serve aboard submarines in the defense of the United States. [More and order]

The Silent Service Remembers (Vol. 3) represents the culmination of twelve months of work in putting together the detailed recollections and stories of two dozen submarine veterans. This stunning volume, replete with vintage photos, diagrams, and documents, nearly bursts at the seams with story after engaging story as told by the men who lived them! The contributors to this volume span the gamut from old to young, diesel boat to nuclear boomer, enlisted man to officer, and short timer to lifer. [More and order]

This is our top-selling book over the last three years and a good choice to dive into our multi-book series about the grand history of the US Submarine Force. Sub Tales(subtitled, Stories that Seldom Surface) has most recently been fully updated in October 2023. Every chapter has been edited with an emphasis on greater clarity and enhanced historical accuracy. More background information on the subject at hand is included, and new cross-references have been added to the other books in the series. [More and order]

The authors of the Poopie Suits & Cowboy Boots series are pleased to announce the publication of More Sub Tales, the sequel to the immensely popular Sub Tales: Stories that Seldom Surface. This is the fourth book in the series of true stories about American submarines. The series also includes Poopie Suits & Cowboy Boots, The Silent Service Remembers (Vols. 1 and 2), and Sub Tales 3. All six titles contain riveting accounts of the triumphs and tribulations of the US Submarine Force. [More and order]

Sub Tales 3 is the third entry in the “Sub Tales” series and the sixth book written by authors and brothers Charles and Frank Hood. The Hoods have established a niche in the storytelling of exploits both famous and obscure in the captivating history of the US Submarine Force. Sub Tales 3 comprises 18 original lengthy stories that cover a wide variety of topics, historical figures, and eras. From tales of heroism and courage under duress to more lighthearted discussions about the Silent Service, Sub Tales 3 is crammed full of interesting details that are sure to please the submarine veteran or enthusiast. Accompanying the stories—many told from the first-hand perspective with the assistance of dozens of submariners who experienced the action themselves—are more than 425 photos, maps, and diagrams to enhance the reader’s progress and comprehension. Each of the visual entries is carefully captioned to provide even more intriguing details about the chapter topics. [More and order]

Sub Tales 4 is the latest offering by brothers Charles and Frank Hood in their prolific output of nonfiction books about the US Submarine Force. Like the three volumes preceding it in the series, Sub Tales 4 offers a detailed recounting of some of the most pivotal and poignant moments in the rich history of the Silent Service. Arranged as an anthology of individual short stories, the book covers many subjects with prose, photographs, maps, schematics, and other illustrations to complement the narrative. [More and order]

Thanks to Charles and Frank Hood for donating the proceeds from sales of their submarine classics to help build a Submarine Memorial in Tennessee.


Please contact Patrick.Ryan@TennSub.org


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Thank you.

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