January 2024 | TSMA News

January 2024 | TSMA News

January 2024

Happy New Year and welcome to the first TSMA newsletter of 2024.

This monthly series will keep you up to date on the progress we’re making bringing a memorial to Tennessee to commemorate American Submariners lost in war and peace in defense of the nation.

Please share this newsletter with family, friends and everyone in your network and encourage them to become monthly donors to build a memorial.

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Take a minute to read our update on the background and purposes of the TSMA in our recent post, “Remembering Sacrifice in Defense of the Nation.”

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Join us in remembering the boats and crews that were lost in the anniversary month of January.

5 Lost Boats and 315 Lost Sailors including 7 Tennesseans
USS Scorpion (SS-278)           2 Lost Tennesseans

Lost on Jan 5,1944 with the loss of her entire crew of 77 in the East China Sea, on her 4th war patrol. It is assumed she was sunk by a mine.

Seaman First Hollis Fields Bell was from was from Oneida, Tennessee.

Hollis Fields Bell
Hollis Fields Bell

Electrician’s Mate Second Class Paul Judson Miller Jr. was from Memphis, Tennessee.

Paul Judson Miller Jr.
Paul Judson Miller Jr.

USS Argonaut (SS-166)          2 Lost Tennesseans
Lost on Jan 10, 1943 with the loss of her entire crew of 102 Rabaul, on her 3rd war patrol. While attacking a convoy, she torpedoed a Japanese destroyer who along with 2 other destroyers depth charged her. As she tried to surface, the destroyers sunk her by gun fire.

Seaman Second Ray Hunter was from Memphis, Tennessee

Ray Hunter
Ray Hunter

Officer’s Cook Second Class Willie David Thomas was from Nashville, Tennessee.

Willie David Thomas
Willie David Thomas

USS Swordfish (SS-193)  1 Lost Tennessean
Lost on Jan 12,1945 with the loss of her entire crew of 89 somewhere near Okinawa, on her 13th war patrol. Probably was lost to a mine.

Fire Controlman Second Class William Thomas Meacham Jr. was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee

William Thomas Meacham Jr.
William Thomas Meacham Jr.

USS Canopus (AS-9)        1 Lost Tennessean

The submarine tender USS Canopus (AS-9) received severe damage when hit by heavy bombers on December 29, 1941 and was later scuttled off Manila Bay April 10, 1942 rather than face capture by the enemy.

Her crew was used in the defense of Bataan and Corregidor. Most survivors of those battles, including Metalsmith First Class Kermit Ward Hodges were taken Prisoner of War.  Kermit Hodges died January 15, 1943 of unknown causes as a Prisoner of War in the Osaka Main Camp, Osaka, Japan.

Metalsmith First Class Kermit Ward Hodges was from Knoxville, Tennessee

Kermit Ward Hodges
Kermit Ward Hodges

USS S-36 (SS-141)
Lost on Jan 20, 1942 with no loss of life, on her 2nd war patrol. She ran hard aground on a reef and radioed for help. The entire crew was rescued by a Dutch ship after they scuttled her.

USS S-26 (SS-131)            1 Lost Tennessean
Lost on Jan 24,1942 with the loss of 46 of her crew in the Gulf of Panama, on her 2nd war patrol. She was rammed by the USS PC-460 and sunk within seconds. The CO, XO and one lookout on the bridge, were the only survivors.

Machinist Mate Chief David Birch Evans was from Chattanooga, Tennessee.

David Birch Evans
David Birch Evans in Uniform


The TSMA is looking for a few good men and women to join our team. Our committees are working on site selection and design, fundraising and communications. If you have interest and skills that you can share to help build a memorial in Tennessee please contact Patrick Ryan (tennsub@gmail.com)


Thanks to Stan Tennyson for service as a founding Board Member of the Tennessee Submarine Memorial Association and work as our Secretary. Stan will be stepping down and we have a vacancy. We welcome expressions of interest for a new Board Members/Secretary. Please contact Patrick Ryan (tennsub@gmail.com)


The TSMA is registered with Kroger Rewards and earns revenue based on your shopping totals — with no charge to you. Your Cheerios and ice cream will help us build a Submarine Memorial in Tennessee. Check out the Kroger Community Rewards program HERE.

Help Build A Memorial to Tennesseans Lost in Submarine Duty in Defense of the Nation

The Tennessee Submarine Memorial Association is a tax exempt charitable organization and donations are subject to treatment in accordance with IRS 501c3 considerations.

The Tennessee Submarine Memorial Association is approved by the Tennessee Secretary of State to solicit charitable contributions for the purposes of our mission.

Tennessee Submarine Memorial Association
309 Church Street, #107
Nashville, TN 37201

Chairman: Mike Anderson
President: Patrick Ryan
Treasurer: Larry Smith
Secretary: Stan Tennyson
Board Member: Vinny McCrum

Email: TennSub@gmail.com

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