Welcome Aboard

Welcome Aboard

Welcome to the home of the Tennessee Submarine Memorial Association.

This is a temporary web site as we finish construction of our first online presence. Check back in a few days to see what we’ve done.

The Tennessee Submarine Memorial Association is an independent, nonprofit organization incorporated in the State of Tennessee exclusively for educational and charitable purposes.

The Tennessee Submarine Memorial Association’s purpose is to educate members of the community about the sacrifice of thousands of American submariners and scores of United States Navy submariners who have been lost in the line of duty during wartime and peacetime and to highlight the service of the American men and women of the United States Submarine Force.

Note: We have launched this temporary site so that our supporters may use the link on this page to Amazon.com when placing orders there. We have an affiliate relationship with Amazon and when you shop there after linking from this web site our Association earns a referral fee — at no charge to you. We make no representations for your experience with Amazon but if you shop there via our web link you’ll be contributing to the Memorial Association’s fundraising efforts.


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